Create a xpi language extension for IceCat

In the previous post I've explained how to compile IceCat with native support for the language of your choice. Now, I'll explain how to create a xpi language extension to install in IceCat.

Note that the extension gets the name firefox-3.0.1-g1.locale.langpack (for the European Portuguese, the name is I don't know if this is due to the language files, a makefile or something else.

To create a xpi extension, just follow all the steps preceding the compilation of IceCat, like described in the previous post. Then, compile IceCat without the locale flag (just sudo ./configure; sudo make), go to browser/locales inside IceCat's source and execute this command (replacing pt-PT with your locale):

  • sudo make langpack-pt-PT
The xpi extension will be created in dist/install/, in IceCat's source. You'll just have to install it in IceCat in order to have it available in another language.